Ice Melt Delivery Service

We are excited to introduce our new Ice Melt delivery service to select Townhome Associations!

Please note, this service is only for invited townhome associations at this time.

Ice Melt Meltdown - Do you remember driving to multiple hardware stores in search of ice melt last winter? If you were lucky, you had to haul home a very heavy 25 to 50 pound bag!

Let Clearscape help keep you stocked up on Ice Melt this winter.

It's super easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Decide which kind of Ice Melt you'd prefer to use from our 3 options below.
  2. We'll help you figure out how much you should order.
  3. Click Order to sign up for the winter.
  4. Our crews will deliver a 5 gallon bucket of Ice Melt, with a scoop, to your home and will refill it multiple times over the season.

You only pay a small fee each month for the service and you can change or cancel your subscription whenever you want:

  • Cancel anytime
  • Skip a month if you want to
  • You can even change the kind of Ice Melt you'd like delivered and the amounts.

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